Who Am I and Why Should You Hire Me?

Hi, I’m Dara (she/her), the face and the heart behind Bespoke & Beloved Events.  If you can catch me at home, I probably have coffee in one hand (cold, because I’ve gotten distracted before I finished it) and a paint scraper in the other. My husband, Calvin (he/him), and I bought a one-hundred-year-old house (because, Hello, character!), and it is a never ending project that I love. I’m no Joanna Gaines, but I can wield a mean nail gun. When I’m not working on the house or at the local coffee shop desperately trying to catch up on blogging, I’m probably with Calvin running our son, Braden (he/him), from basketball practice to little league to football.  We’re hoping for a professional sports career to pay off all our student and business loans and take care of us in our dotage.

Aside from my family, my passion is creating events.  My mission is to help you realize your vision for your event in a way that tells the story of who you are through your own traditions and memories.  My role is to make your life easier by taking the stress off of your shoulders.  After all, it is your day.  You should be able to enjoy every beautiful minute of it.  I used to work in communications and public affairs in the government rat race and do events on the side, but after assisting my first brides with their weddings, I found that I had much more passion for the close, personal connections that grew from planning events than the more clinical, cut and dry government environment.  When my husband and I moved from DC to Greensburg, PA, I made the leap to planning events full time and I have never looked back.  (But trust me, if I can plan events for rooms full of cranky bureaucrats, international industry representatives, and government contracting officers, I can take whatever comes my way.)  

Bringing my expertise from weddings, corporate, and all kinds of other events, I help find creative ways to make your wedding just as one of a kind as you and your special someone are.  

If you think you want to be a part of the Bespoke and Beloved family, leave a note telling me about your event, and let’s start dreaming together to bring it to life.